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2020 NAIDOC Poster

The 2020 National NAIDOC Poster Competition is now closed. The 2020 National NAIDOC Poster will be available to download later this year once the winning artist and artwork are announced.


2019 NAIDOC Poster

The 2019 National NAIDOC Poster was designed by Charmaine Mumbulla, a Kaurna/Narungga woman.

Charmaine’s artwork shows the early dawn light rising over Uluru, symbolising a continued spiritual and unbroken connection to the land. The circles at the base of Uluru represent the historic gathering in May 2017 of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, who adopted the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The message, developed through generations, is echoed throughout the land: hear our voice and recognise our truth. We call for a new beginning, marked by a formal process of agreement and truth-telling, that will allow us to move forward together.

Click here to find out more about the 2019 National NAIDOC poster winner!

The 2019 National NAIDOC Poster is also available for download, to help you celebrate NAIDOC Week.

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