Patricia Conlon

Image of Patricia Conlon

Who’s your mob and where were you raised?

My grandfather is from North Queensland – Kuku Yalangi.  My parents were raised in Cherbourg.  We had a very happy childhood growing up in small towns and railway sidings throughout Queensland where my Dad worked as a Railway Ganger.  Through these journeys we met many people, and made lifelong friendships.

How long have you been a member of the NAIDOC Committee?

Since 2012, however have been attending National NAIDOC for I don’t know how long!

What does NAIDOC mean to you?

NAIDOC is an opportunity to showcase our rich culture and diversity, our strength and resilience.

How will you be celebrating NAIDOC Week?

Through Link-Up (Qld) we will prepare for our annual stall at Musgrave Park, one of the biggest NAIDOC celebration events in the country, participate in local events in the lead up to the National NAIDOC event, promoting NAIDOC in our local community and celebrating our culture, diversity, strength and resilience.

Outside of NAIDOC what are your passions?

I enjoy my beautiful grandchildren and catching up with good friends.

Fun fact – what don’t we know about you?

That I have a sense of humour even though it might not be so obvious at times!