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  • 2017 National NAIDOC Award winners

    The National NAIDOC Committee congratulated ten outstanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who were honoured at the 2017 National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony in Cairns.

    To find out about this years award winners Click Here.


  • The National NAIDOC Committee are pleased to announce Sydney as the 2018 host city for the National NAIDOC Awards!

    Yvonne Weldon accepted the NAIDOC Message Stick on behalf of the Sydney Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council at the 2017 National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony in Cairns which opened NAIDOC week on Saturday 1 July.

    The National NAIDOC Awards was last hosted by Sydney in 2011, congratulations Sydney!

  • Joanne Cassady Poster Winner

    Congratulations to Wiradjuri woman Joanne Cassady who is the winning artist of the  2017 National NAIDOC Poster Competition!

    Over 150 outstanding entries were received this year and the Committee had a difficult time choosing just one winner.

    Ms Cassady’s winning artwork, Your Tribe, My Tribe, Our Nation,  reflects this year’s theme ‘Our Languages Matter’ by representing some of the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and nations around Australia. 

  • Our Languages Matter

    The National NAIDOC Committee is pleased to announce the 2017 National NAIDOC theme - Our Languages Matter

    The 2017 theme aims to  celebrate the essential role that Indigenous languages play in both cultural identity, linking people to their land and water, and in the transmission of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, spirituality and rites, through story and song.

    The National NAIDOC Committee encourages all Australians to embrace the 2017 National NAIDOC theme and to explore the use of Indigenous languages in their community. Many place names for our suburbs, rivers, mountains and parks have Indigenous language words. Observing and learning about these words will generate greater appreciation and respect for the significance of Indigenous languages among all Australians.

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NAIDOC Week 2017: 2-9 July

Welcome to the official NAIDOC website.

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians.

NAIDOC Week is held in the first full week of July. It is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society.

We encourage all Australians to participate in the celebrations and activities that take place across the nation during NAIDOC Week.