Anne Martin (Co-Chair)

Anne Martin (Co-Chair) at the 2015 National NAIDOC Awards

Who’s your mob and where were you raised?

Yuin people of the NSW South Coast. Born and raised at La Perouse in Sydney.

How long have you been a member of the NAIDOC Committee?

Since 2006

What does NAIDOC mean to you?

It is highly significant to me as during this week we celebrate Australia wide our history, culture and achievements. Something born of an Aboriginal rights movement is now a celebration of our heritage, survival and achievements across time.

How will you be celebrating NAIDOC Week?

I love being involved with our schools and seeing the celebrations of NAIDOC through the eyes of our children.

Outside of NAIDOC what are your passions?

My passion is my grandchildren all 13 of them! I am also an advocate for Cystic Fibrosis research and support as my little granddaughter Tristan Anne suffers with CF. Also of high importance to me is education, education, education! Whether from pre-school or to higher education I see education as being the key to change.

Fun fact – what don’t we know about you?

I have a bird phobia!