Winner of the 2014 National NAIDOC poster competition announced

Congratulations to Harry Alfred Pitt, a Torres Strait Islander man, for his winning entry to the National NAIDOC Poster competition. The theme for 2014 is Serving Country: Centenary & Beyond. Mr Pitt’s entry captured the essence of the theme in a clever and attractive way.

Mr Pitt’s concept for the poster depicts three brothers with their land behind them and the horizon before them. Their Elders are reflected in the water, giving the brothers the strength to overcome the challenges that may lie over the horizon.

Mr Pitt explains: ‘My work acknowledges the young men and women of today who are across the sea doing their very best to protect their home and serve their country, empowered by their ancestors. Our soldiers are embracing their heritage and protecting their homes, just as their ancestors did before them, only now they do this beyond the shores of their homeland’.

To order your free copy of the poster visit your local Regional Office.

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