Bilawara Lee

Image of Bilawara Lee

Who’s your mob and where were you raised?


Darwin NT

How long have you been a member of the NAIDOC Committee?

Since 2007 - 9 years

What does NAIDOC mean to you?

It is when we can all come together to celebrate our culture and to acknowledge the wonderful achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our communities who have accomplished wonderful things.

Apart from the National NAIDOC Ball, how will you be celebrating NAIDOC Week?

Breakfasts - lunches - NAIDOC march - family day activities

Outside of NAIDOC what are your passions?

Reading and writing

Healing - establishing a healing/health garden

Bringing about change in the Western medical system in the Top End

Breaking down the barriers of racism through cross cultural awareness

Fun fact – what don’t we know about you?

In my youth (sooo long ago!) With a friend from school I won a big rock and roll competition and always wore an afro wig to disco's.